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Just as Intriguing as the First

Reblogged from Window on the World:
Give Me Hope (The Reason Series) - Zoey Derrick

I was already invested in the story of Give Me Hope (The Reason Series) even before I started reading it, having already read the first book in the series, Give Me Reason, which I thoroughly enjoyed (read my review). The second book is just as intriguing as the first.

Although there is not quite as much excitement in Give Me Hope as there was in its predecessor, there is still plenty of mystery.  Who are angels and who are demons?  Who are just plain folks? If you are an angel (or demon) will you recognize one of your own kind (or the opposite)?  Are Mikah and Vivienne soul mates or will fate keep them apart?

There is a tiny bit of sex in this book (maybe a 2 at the most out of 5).  The hope that Mikah and Vivienne will eventually get together (and you know it will be awesome!!) is what drives the reading of this sequel.

Not surprisingly, there is a third book coming in the series, which I hope will tie up all the loose ends and finally give us readers some satisfaction.

Source: http://teressamorris.com/2013/11/give-hope-book-review